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Do You Know How Tarot Cards Work? Here You Can Know!

Do You Know How Tarot Cards Work? Here You Can Know!

Do You Know How Tarot Cards Work? Here You Can Know!

Tarot card reading is a prophecy in which people supposedly use tarot cards to acquire depth and detail about the present or future. They pose a question, then pull and analyze cards to answer it. But have you ever considered discovering how it works? Well, you may learn more about it in this article!

The two types of cards

There are two varieties of tarot readings, which few people know. Each reading has its distinct feature that can help people in various ways. The two types are as follows:

Tarot Cards

Question readings

You’re resolving a particular question in this style of psychic reading. Tarot readings should be seen as a tool to aid you in making your own decisions, so the manner a question is phrased is critical. To get the most out of it, you must ask the question correctly, which requires you to be aware of a few pointers, which are listed below:

  • Never have an answer to a question prepared in your mind, as this will limit the tarot’s abilities. As a result, keep your choices open.
  • Your query should be specific but not unnecessarily complex. Look at one part of a problem and then figure out how to look at it more generally.
  • Always make sure the inquiry is about you and not about others.
  • Don’t reveal that you have a prior view when asking a question.
  • Maintain a cheerful attitude throughout the reading and be willing to accept whatever is shown to you.

Open Readings

Instead of focusing on a particular issue or concern, open readings look at the big picture of your life. They’re frequently carried out when you’re about to begin a new moment in life. If you have a broad region you wish to cover, you can also influence the reading in some ways.

The Deck of Tarot

There are numerous different types of Tarot decks, and no one deck has the same amount of cards. While the card kinds, suites, and interpretations are all just the same, the pictures differ widely. Decks are based on various topics and are chosen based on the reader’s emotional response.

The Spread

The reader puts the cards in a pattern called the spread after the cards have been mixed and the deck has been split. Each point in the spread has its own significance. There are many different spreads, varying from single to all of the deck’s cards. The reader and the question determine which spread is chosen. Some spreads are more focused on a single information, while others focus on a general concept.

Tarot Cards

Reading of the Cards

The interpretations of the cards are gained from their positions and those surrounding them. The reading begins with a circle or cross-section to alert people to current events by glancing at the placements.

The first six cards will be selected in pairs, discussing various aspects and challenges of life.

The Staff part is next examined, and the 7th and 8th position cards describe a person’s connection with the environment.

Finally, the tenth card is consulted to determine the predicted outcome.

The Tarot Deck – Minor Arcana – The Suit of Swords

After the Suit of Cups, the next suit within the minor arcana is the Suit of Swords.

The Suit of Swords is related to the element of air. Air is symbolized negatively and positively in the suit; on the one hand, air can be a calming force; it can be unnoticed and unseen while in constant movement. On the other hand, air can be ferocious and destroy anything in its path.

Air, ironically, is seen as a masculine element – it is a source of power and force while remaining invisible to others. Air is then related to knowledge and wisdom, as well as change, action, and power.

The symbolism of the sword itself is also significant in this suit. Swords are often double-edged, and they have a very fine line where those edges come together. This symbolizes the balance needed between intellect and power to achieve blissful harmony. These two sources (intellect and power) can be used for either good or evil; hence, one must wisely choose their choices and decisions.

Therefore, the Suit of Swords deals with the consciousness that stems from the mind and the intellect; it evaluates the quality of your mind by delving into your attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs. It deals with action, power, and change, but at the same time deals with anger, judgment, and mental abuse.

This suit is representative of the astrological signs of Air – Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini. These people are generally thoughtful, logical, and good at communication – they analyze the world around them. However, individuals with an air sign can also be ridged, ruthless, and aggressive.

The Suit of Swords contains 14 cards; the first 10 are numbered, while the remaining four are called the Page, Knight, Queen, and King of Swords, respectively.

So let’s delve into this suit and explore the cards within it.

Ace of Swords

  • Upright – One who achieves a breakthrough; they achieve mental clarity, new ideas, and then success
  • Reversed – One who suffers from clouded judgment and re-thinks their ideas; inner clarity

Two of Swords

  • Upright – One who is at an impasse, they must weigh their options and make a difficult decision; however, they may avoid doing so
  • Reversed – One who is in a stalemate, they are overloaded with information and hence, suffers from confusion and indecision.

Three of Swords

  • Upright – One who has faced heartbreak and hurt; they suffer through sorrow, grief, and emotional pain
  • Reversed – One who is optimistic, they release their pain and seek forgiveness; negative self-talk

Four of Swords

  • Upright – One who is recovering from an illness, they require rest, relaxation, contemplation, and meditation
  • Reversed – One who is completely exhausted and burnt out, they are in need of deep contemplation and stagnation

Five of Swords

  • Upright – One who needs to win at all costs; no defeat will be accepted even if it leads to disagreements, conflict, or competition.
  • Reversed – One who resents their past; they want to make amends and reconcile with others.

Six of Swords

  • Upright – One who releases their past baggage, it is a rite of passage for them as they go through change and transition
  • Reversed – One who feels they have unfinished business and hence, resists change; a personal transition

Seven of Swords

  • Upright – One who acts strategically and gets away with their actions even if it is done through betrayal and deception
  • Reversed – One who keeps secrets and practices self-deceit; they suffer from imposter syndrome

Eight of Swords

  • Upright – One who has a victim mentality and is caught up with negative thoughts, they practice self-imposed restriction.
  • Reversed – One who releases their negative thoughts to open themselves up to new perspectives; one who has an inner critic and self-limiting beliefs.

Nine of Swords

  • Upright – One who suffers from nightmares, they feel anxious, depressed, worried, and fearful
  • Reversed – One who has deep-seated fears, they have secrets and suffer from inner turmoil; one who releases their worry

Ten of Swords

  • Upright – One who has experienced a painful ending; they have gone through a crisis of betrayal and loss, resulting in deep wounds.
  • Reversed – One who resists an inevitable end; regeneration and recovery

Page of Swords

  • Upright – One who is curious and has a thirst for knowledge; they explore new ideas and new ways of communicating
  • Reversed – One who takes action hastily and haphazardly, they take action but reach no result

Knight of Swords

  • Upright – One who thinks fast and is driven towards success; they are ambitious
  • Reversed – One who is impulsive, restless, and lacks focus

Queen of Swords

  • Upright – One who communicates directly and has clear boundaries; they are unbiased and independent
  • Reversed – One who is cold-hearted; they are overly emotional and easily influenced

King of Swords

  • Upright – The intellectual; they have mental clarity and hold the truth; power
  • Reversed – One who misuses power through manipulation; they hold inner truth

(All meanings are based on the Rider-Waite tarot card deck)


If you are to receive a free tarot reading comprised mainly of sword cards, it means that you might be struggling with mental conflicts and with making decisions. It urges you to become aware of the events occurring around you. Now with a better understanding of the sword suit itself, you can gain a better insight into the problems in your life that require your attention.

Nowadays, it is very easy to receive a tarot card reading. If you have a tarot card reader in your area, you can receive a reading with ease or choose to have one online.

Understanding the meanings behind the cards can also be a step towards becoming a tarot reader yourself! It easily helps you to enhance and grow your love for tarot reading – it can also enable you to perform your own readings yourself.

Start with this free tarot reading (insert external link) today to begin your tarot journey!

Top 4 psychic reading sites career and love

There always comes a time where you will turn to the universe for answers or solutions to your problems. When it comes to matters of love and career, everyone wants to get it right. Making the right decisions or taking the correct path to life is so important as it defines our life path.

There are many instances where we feel that there is no way of getting to choose what the right path is for us. However, this is not always it; there is always another way of getting answers to your problems—this is where psychic consultation comes in.

With the help and guide of the right cheap psychic reading expert, you can face any hurdles set in your way. Are you trying to find the right job for you? Or are you unsure whether the person you are talking to has the potential for a meaningful connection?

There are so many questions and dilemmas. Save yourself the trouble of solving these problems yourself. Get in touch with psychics and cruise through any of your queries without any complications.

With the advancement in technology, you can seek all the answers you want in the comfort of your own house. You can get real psychic readings for free online by best psychics and not some bots on the other end of the screen. Also, online mode means cheap psychic reading.

There are many sites which offer free psychic online reading but which one to choose? We have put together a list of the top 5 psychic sites for love and career. Please take a look at our pick.

  1. Kasamba

It is one of the best sites for life and relationship advice. If you are looking for answers or need help in your love life, Kasamba may be a good choice. With the best psychic on this platform, you have endless options to explore. While you can get any queries answered related to any problems you have, Kasamba also specializes in love readings.

With clairvoyants who can give the answers, Kasamba always operates on 100% customer satisfaction. This is evident by the 4 million customers who have been satisfied since 1999. This psychic site has been operational for more than 20 years now with exceptional quality service.

Kasamba is committed to their customers’ needs and choices, so they offer different readings through different modes. You can choose to have your spiritual readings by tarot, horoscope, or clairvoyant psychic mediums. You can choose from any of these services to clarify your doubts and questions.

You do not have to worry about the psychics you will get because it is entirely up to the customers to choose which psychics they want. Simply go to the website, and you will see the many professionals with their details. Choose whose services you would want to avail yourself, and you can start your session.

These are all real psychics who are communicating with you, and you can get answers and feedback in real-time. Also, the first 3 minutes are absolutely free psychic reading online for every new reader. So, if you wish to choose to speak to another reader, you have a complete advantage here too.


  1. You can get a refund if you are not satisfied.
  2. Cheap psychic readings.
  3. You can have a session either by phone calls or even chat.
  4. 50% discount on all new members.
  5. Free 3 minutes with every new reader.


  1. Different rates for same services with different psychics
  2. To avail of certain privileges, membership is required.
  3. Psychic Source

Psychic Source is one of the leading sites that have given satisfactory services and readings regarding financials and careers. With over 30 years in the business, Psychic Source has been providing affordable but quality readings.

These real psychics provide you with the best psychic readings regarding any of your career queries or problems. Psychic sources pride themselves on accurate predictions; one would rarely encounter a vague or general reading. All predictions and readings have always been proven to be helpful with their customers to make the best decision regarding their problem.

You can book or get a session through their different services, from a chat psychic to a phone psychic from their website. You can also have their services at your fingertips at any moment with their free app available both at the Play store and Apple store.

With Psychic Source, you can get a free medium reading with their free horoscope. You can also access their free content like blog posts, podcasts and videos. With all these amazing free-of-cost services, you can avail of their introductory offer of $1 per minute if you decide on membership. Also, new members get 75% off on new consultations.


  1. Customer care 24/7
  2. A portion of the purchases are donated to charity
  3. Cheap and affordable services.
  4. Consistent and accurate predictions for over 30 years.
  5. Host career psychics have provided over a million career predictions.
  6. 100% refund for disappointed customers.


  1. Annoying pop-up notification to become a member.
  2. Free minutes do not have cash value and are not transferrable.
  3. Purple Garden

Purple Garden is an amazing site for free psychic readings for life problems regarding love and career paths. Purple Garden is home to psychics renowned for prioritizing customers over money. You can get one of the most affordable services on this site without compromising on quality.

To maintain credibility, all psychics on Purple Garden are subjected to detailed background checks. Although Purple Garden hasn’t been in this industry for long, they have many experienced and famous psychics. With many gifted clairvoyants, purple Garden is more than equipped to deal with and solve problems.

Gone are the days where you have to search “Psychic near me,” you can get free psychic readings with real psychics over the phone, live chat and even video call, whichever suits you.

They have different services like astrology, energy healing to remove obstructions in your love life or career path, tarot readings etc. Free psychics are also available, and you can ask free psychic questions. You can receive these free psychic readings any matters from relationships, family, careers and even health.

All psychics on this platform have a personalized page with details and specialization. You can even view their mode of readings (tarot/ astrology) and their service prices listed on their page. You can also check their overall scores and reviews from past customers.

With Purple Garden, you are offered one of the best services. All psychics provide extensive and detailed predictions to help their clients be prepared for the future. Purple Garden is dedicated to customer satisfaction beyond psychic services, and they also undergo frequent website updates to ensure the best services.


  1. No hidden charges
  2. 100% refund for unsatisfied customers
  3. A cheap psychic reading with a standard rate as low as $1 per minute
  4. Introductory offer for every new member
  5. Credible professionals only.


  1. Compared to other competitors, the site hasn’t been around for a long time.
  2. Although the standard price is $1 per minute, some services cost more than as advertised.
  3. Keen psychics

Keen psychics has been another leading site for providing services related to love life. Many psychics specialize in love who are present 24/7 to any customers who need help. These love psychics help customers to deal with or provide guidance in love-related problems.

Keen psychic also provides other online psychic reading services for finances, career, etc. Many experienced tarot readers, astrologers, and numerologists in keen psychics are dedicated to helping their clients get the best services.

Keen Psychics has been operational since 1999. With all these years of experienced service, they offer exceptional service and solutions to any problems you might have. You can connect with these professionals by phone call, live video calls and live chats.

All psychics at Keen Psychics are experienced professionals who have been selected carefully under strict examination of their background. They are real psychics who provide guidance, answers, and solutions.

At Keen Psychics, you can avail many services regarding your love life. From learning to build a strong bond with your partner to finding your soulmate, Keen has it all, and all for the price of $1.99 per minute.

New users are given 10 free minutes. If you are unsatisfied with any service or session, Keen Psychics offers a 100% refund guarantee. You can get in touch with the psychics at Keen Psychics directly from the website or even their app. The mobile app is available both on the Play Store and Apple store.

Keen Psychic have also been featured on many publications like Cosmopolitan, Refinery 29, Women’s Heath, Yahoo!, Bustle, and Brit+Co.


  1. Guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction or a complete refund.
  2. Introductory offer for all new members.
  3. Customer care support 24/7
  4. Free horoscope reading daily.
  5. Secure registration and safe payment methods.


  1. Some customers complain about vague readings.
  2. The standard price is slightly higher than other platforms.